Marquees by night… Admire the stunning after dark scenes

Festival style marquee

Step outside your marquee as the sun begins to set and you are taken to a completely different place…

There is something so evocative about the sight of a marquee in the moonlight.  Stand outside and look as the light that seeps through the fabric and outlines the shape of the marquee.  Watch how the dancing and disco lights cast oversized shadows on the lawn. See how the pretty festoon lights strung on poles illuminate the path back to the celebrations inside.

But before you are drawn back in to the celebrations, take a minute to watch and listen to laughter, the singing and the music … this memory will stay with you long after the occasion is over and is the magic only a marquee can provide.

There are so many ways to incorporate the outside space, whether at a venue or in your own garden.  Trees can be Illuminated, festoon lights can be looped along poles or lanterns hung on shepherds crooks …

Fire pits and bales of hay can be arranged close by or outside furniture providing a place for guests to take a break from the music, to cool down or catch up with friends..

You can even take your musicians outside and if you have planned a ceilidh, bring it on to the lawn and ‘strip the willow’ under the setting sun.

Roll up the windows and allow the evening breeze to cool the marquee as your guests take to the dancefloor..

You can even choose to feed your evening guests outside by planning a succulent hog roast or giant paella supper… Add gazebos and create your own Street Food Village!

Smallpiece Caterer paella

Giant Paella was served up by the talented Small Piece catering for this marquee wedding at the stunning Hill Place Wedding venue …

If you are lucky enough to have a garden big enough to allow for a marquee or have chosen a pretty wedding venue, whilst decorating your marquee, don’t forget the surrounding space – you may be doing this only once so why not go for it!