Gallery – Marquee Entrances

Deckchairs billowing in the breeze

There are so many ways to design your marquee to fit within your garden or venue and we always take time to make the most of the surroundings including any views and the position of the entrance is an important part of this.

The entrance to your marquee can be used to welcome your guests – especially your evening guests that may be entering in the dark or when you are busy elsewhere so make it stand out.

With all the decisions you already have to make regarding the style of your marquee and the layout of the furniture within, we are always a step ahead and when we provide drawings with our quotes, we have already considered the best place to bring your guest into the marquee.  We may even offer wet weather alternatives that bring your guests onto the dance floor for reception drinks – it works really well avoiding the need for guests to dodge and weave between the beautifully dressed tables!  We can offer walkways linked to reception marquees which can be used later for the bar or buffet tables.

Entrances don’t have to be in a set position – we can put them in the middle, to one side or even on one of the pretty shaped ends of our traditional style marquees.

We can add full width (6m, 9m or 12m) awnings to our multspan marquees and you can choose to have extra bays open if you want to use the space for a bar or chill out area.

Here are a few of the many styles of marquee entrance we have provided. Each offering their own advantages to welcome your guests and invite them to step inside  …

Wedding Marquee Entrance Awning

Our pretty 10′ x 6′ entrance awning

Thanks to the many photographers who have given us permission to use their photos of our marquees – we know where our expertise lies and we are always grateful to receive such beautiful shots taken after our job is done!