Attaching A Marquee To Your House: Making A Personal Connection

Have you ever wanted to host a party, but were worried you didn’t have enough space?

A great way to maximise your hosting capacity is with a marquee connected directly to your house. With the right sort of connection the marquee can provide an additional room for your guests, whilst not feeling like a completely separate area. This can help create a consistent atmosphere and vibe for all of your party guests, no matter where they are.

A marquee connected to your house is also a cheaper option than a standalone marquee. If you have a suitable layout and can utilise your inside and outside space as one flowing area you will end up paying for less square footage compared to the equivalent space solely in a marquee.

There are other advantages as well, such as easy use of kitchen and toilet facilities. And with a thermostat controlled heater keeping the marquee warm there won’t be any problems having your doors open all party long.

Will I be able to have a marquee connected to my house?

A unique feature of a marquee as a party venue is its flexibility. With careful planning and precision execution we love to utilise our expertise and provide solid, seamless connections between our marquees and customers homes.

However, there are some limits to what is physically possible. Our main priority specifically for a marquee to house connection is getting a great seal. This needs to be water tight and wind proof. There is absolutely no point in having a marquee if no one wants to be in it. Even in the height of Summer when hopefully the weather will be fine we always have to be prepared for the worst.

To make sure we can make a good seal we have to come and visit the site of the connection. We will take measurements and photos of the proposed connection area, and if we can’t immediately see an obvious way to make a solid connection we will go back to the office and figure out if there are any new ways we can utilise our equipment to achieve the desired result. We will also discuss with our customers their aims for the marquee, and make suggestions about what we think would work best based on our experience.

Over the years we have figured out many different ways of making a good connection. Every house and set of doors is different. An unfortunately placed drain pipe or extended windowsill can change everything. If we do not think we can get a good enough quality of connection we will let you know. Sometimes this can be overcome by connecting to the house in a different place if you have more than one possible entrance (a back door and a conservatory for example). There are times unfortunately where we can’t see any cost effective solutions, and in these instances we won’t be able to do the work, as we will not lower our standards and leave anyone disappointed.

My back door opens onto my patio, is that a problem?

Ideally to secure our marquees against the worst that British weather can throw at us we want to stake our marquees into the ground. There are other options however when this is not possible, such as when the marquee is on a patio. We have various methods of securing, tying, strapping or pinning our marquees in place, and these will be considered during a site visit and will factor into the practicality of doing the job.

Contact us for more information and to arrange a site visit, or give us a call on 01489 575372 – we would love to hear from you!

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